I'm home from work a little early today, which is pretty nice. I wasn't feeling so hot, and NONE of the partners were in the office... JC told me to go home. NICE. But what I actually want to talk about here is

There's this commercial that freaks me out. They're showing all this food on a toilet seat, and a bag of dust on your baby's high chair. But's that isn't even the squirmy part.

So of course you'd spray Lysol on these surfaces to kill all those nasty germs.

And then cut up a banana and feed it to your baby off the surface of said high chair? Ew.

My baby's eating Lysol?



"My experience has shown me that we win justice quickest by rendering justice to the other party."
~ Gandhi


Time flies in the real world.

That’s what Nino said to me last night after my lamenting about facing another Monday. It seems true for me at least. College seemed to drag at a snail’s pace. I’d argue it was probably because I was in such a hurry to finish. Now I can hardly believe it’s almost six months since I started this big girl job. Time never seems swift when you’re sitting at your desk waiting for your lunch break, but at the end of the week/ month/ year, you can’t believe all that’s happened. Scary.

At any rate, it’s been an exiting August. Since I last ranted, I’ve done HUGE amounts of work on my apartment. (I figure I’ll be just settled in by the time I’m ready to move.) I went through all the boxes that had migrated from my parent’s house. I cleaned all the closets. And, most importantly, the junk room is now the den of iniquity we always wanted it to be.

I had a party at my house to debut said room. I invited a whole shit-load of people from across many of my varying social backgrounds, so it was what it’s like when worlds collide – really fun! It was so great to see everybody! I’d be really hard pressed to tell you exactly who came, though. See, one of the key features of hosting a party at your house is having your bed only a few rooms away… so I was a COCKED ALICE! :) From what I remember, I’m pretty sure everyone had a good time. I will tell you that mad party props go to Mannone for hooking us up royally with fruity beverages.

I’ve been spending a lot of time on the couch with Ryan, everyone’s favorite invalid. He doesn’t have any more pain, but the ankle is making life sticky in other ways. See, the people who own his company are family friends, so he didn’t want to cause them any problems – as long as they took care of business. Well, they’re not, so now there are problems. Sigh. Bring in the lawyers…

Time is of the essence cleaning up this compensation thing, because he’s also going into surgery next month. The doctor recommended it from the beginning, but Ry didn’t think he would do it because it’s primarily an elective surgery. But it’s one of those things where if you don’t do it now, you’ll have to later anyway. He talked to a friend who had the same procedure, and now Ry seems more optimistic about the idea. And well, he’s laid up anyway. What are a few more months? (Months! Christ!)

And so concludes another boring “State of the K” post.


gets ranty.

On CBS news they showed the amazing footage of yesterday's FIRST EVER in-space shuttle repair. The last word on the story was not, as it should be, "Wow this is totally amazing. People are floating around out in space. And they're under the belly of the shuttle like they're tuning up the car in the garage. Ingenuity. And shit." No. They blew straight past the "giant leap for mankind" part and went to playing the national pride card.

Are you even serious? This is a quote dude:

"With many people watching that repair live, it also probably helped to repair NASA's image. A reminder that for all of NASA's stumbles, nobody does space like America."
~Mark Strassmann, CBS News

Does space? What kind of asshole thing is that to say?

God forbid we put together some unifying thought like people in space: the only species on the planet to leave it. Can't make it sound for one minute like the proverbial "we" accomplished something. So then, then they point to all those people watching that amazingly clear footage back at NASA and (pretty much) around the world saying the most important thing that footage does is tell everyone we "did it" best.


Dude. Think about it. Instead of us stupid humans sitting around bickering amongst ourselves, instead of helping those of OUR SPECIES on this planet, instead of expanding our knowledge and seeing where it takes us... we're spending all our money on gold toilet seats. And if we're not spending money on gold toilet seats, we're watching other people do it on tv and envying their pampered asscheeks. We're telling people who they should marry. We're invading other countries with "little discussion in Washington of the aftermath after military action," and, as a country, completely ignoring this document that tells us so. Think about it.

Somehow, we won the gene pool on grey matter night for some reason. We sure don't use it. The reason the spacewalk is so amazing to me is what a whole bunch of people had to do together to get them there. We have this useful ability to study everything around us. And to be successful, we had to know everything from the properties of space, to human survival there, and develop every single piece of material making up the space shuttle, suits, and the cameras beaming it all back to us.

Imagine if churches and other charitable organizations were able to really use funding to help accomplish a mission instead of forming action groups and hiring lawyers to fight each other. We could band together to boot “healthcare” out the window and study to cure disease instead of making money treating it. We'd be feeding people and building up societies so everyone could live better lives. But we're all so damn afraid of each other. So instead, we keep each other down, or worse, attack. And what's REALLY stupid is we're afraid to admit we are all the same in these fears.

Don't even get me started on the environment and global warming, either. We have the tools to discover clean energy, but why invest in something new when we know oil makes money? Hell, let's drill right here in some national parks! Let's just keep denying these problems exist for as long as we can! That makes perfect sense!

Like everything that pisses me off this much, it just seems so... illogical to me, ya know? If we all just spread it around - money, knowledge, love - even just a little bit... even for a short time…

Think of what it could do.

Maybe then our explorers will ride beamers instead of those hatchbacks from the 70's.


Provoked Thoughts

Beth has this awesome post up. I started to post a comment to her, but it got so long I decided I’d better use my own space for spewing thoughts about life lessons and shit. Anyone can identify with Beth’s lingering thoughts if they’ve ever had a “break up” with organized religion. I was also very active in my church when I was younger. I was in the choir, and I was a cantor (the person who leads the congregation in song from the altar). I even molded some young minds for Catholicism teaching CCD for 2 years. I don’t know who let me have that job. Now every time I end up in a church, I’m always thinking about the “right” amount of respect to show a religion that you don’t practice anymore.

Beth says, “I solidly believe that the comforts and beauties of worship are ones I do not deserve if I am not doing the attendant spiritual work required. Like I'm crashing someone's wedding for the food. It doesn't sit right with me. So in a way, I don't go to church not because I don't take it seriously, but because I do. Perhaps even more seriously than *some who are very active in the church.”

I totally agree. I remember priests calling those *some “Sunday Believers.” They think that because they go to church every week and go through the motions that they truly belong to a religion. Actually, it was probably one of those “Sunday Believers” focused homilies that led me to really think about what I really believed in rather than what I was told to believe in. So I guess even though I don’t practice anymore, going to church helped me to define myself and my beliefs.

I’m not really sure who, if anyone, is running things up there, but I’ve decided really all we can do is be kind to each other and strive to be good people. I guess the definition of “good people” can vary, but I know what it means to me. We’re all in this together folks: created in “His” image. We have to live with millions of vastly different people everyday, and if we’re sitting around judging them, that doesn’t bode well for attaining grace. I try and appreciate every gift I have and all the beauty in the world and try to pass a little along. And if I’m doing the best I can and still manage to piss off some deity, well… I mean my best is my best right? What more can I do?